Tub Benches and Shower Seats

All Tub Benches and Shower Seats are wall mounted

and folding!


Exclusive Kimmel of Canada Tub Bench Designs

Our Latest Designs!




This picture shows the old unsafe stool being used. The rubber bumpers on the bottom of the legs do not offer secure seating.  This type of stool is known for tipping easily.  The legs also will retain water becoming stagnate.  You may also notice the yellow stains - these will never come out!  Also you need to move this out for others to use the tub.


This is the most innovative and functional design of tub bench.  The front edge of the seat positions the person within easy reach of the controls.  The stainless steel frame construction provides incredible strength and stability.  If not required, the seat folds up - out of the way for others to use. The white phenolic seat surface is stain resistant and easy to clean with a simply wipe.  By having the Walk-Thru Tub Insert you have ample room to enter and exit the tub easily.



                    Transfer Tub Bench with curtain slot           Transfer Tub Bench with 3"Lift and

                                                                                                         curtain slot

                                 The curtain slot keeps the water in the tub!




Folding Tub Bench Feature

Down                    Middle                      Up



Shower Seats

All of our Shower Seats are fastened to a wall into proper backing or using our A.O.D.A. Compliant Wall Fasteners. 

We make sure the seats are securely fastened to the wall!



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