Bottoms UpTM

KimmeL of Canada presents the Bottoms Up which raises the entire toilet 3.5".

Features and Benefits of the Bottoms Up:
•The best alternative to elevated toilet rings or expensive Comfort Height toilets
•Allows for much safer and easier use of the toilet
•Mounts under the existing toilet
•Made of high quality injection molded plastic
•White but can be painted
•Economical - no need to replace toilet or bidet
•Non Obtrusive
•Aesthetically Pleasing
•Can be used by the whole family
•Very stable
•Safer than screw on or wedged elevated toilet rings
•Supports users up to 500 lbs
•Easy to keep clean

Allows a normal toilet seat to be used

Whether a standard round bowl or elongated bowl type of toilet The Bottoms Up
universal design will convert a standard height toilet to a higher toilet by adding 3.5"of additional bowl height.

Raised toilet seats that attach to the top of a toilet bowl have been the usual  choice for those requiring an elevated toilet.

Raised toilet seats have some major drawbacks:

• They are generally unsanitary, unsightly and have robbed the dignity of those  people forced to use them, especially when other family members or friends may have to use the same toilet.

• Raised toilet seats are by design not very stable. Many users have suffered a fall that was caused by a seat slipping off the bowl. This situation is even more likely with a raised toilet seat that incorporates arm rests or bars.

• The majority of raised toilet seats require the removal of the regular toilet seat and consequently there is no lid - just an open hole.

• Raised toilet seats require constant cleaning due to the relatively small opening provided by the necessity of design. Many seniors and others with limited strength will find it very difficult to loosen and tighten this type of apparatus.

• In the area of hygiene, health care workers and relatives are subjected to potential of infectious diseases in the cleaning of raised toilet seats.


The Bottoms Up addresses and overcomes each of the above design flaws of a raised toilet seat!  


The Bottoms Up complies with all Building Codes

A.O.D.A. & A.D.A. Compliant!


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