CertainStep® Bath Tub Mat




Bath Tub Mats

40 cm x 104 cm (long style) or 40cm x 73 cm (short style)

White Only

The use of Acrylic or Fiberglass Showers and Bath Tubs have greatly increased over the past few years. By their design, they are very pleasing to the eye but the surface is extremely slippery, especially when the water is turned on. To try to address this problem some manufacturers have attempted to mould a tread design into the surface but with limited or short term success. Use of soap and shampoo will cause an even greater potential of slips and falls occurring as their warnings state.

It has been our goal to find a solution to this particular problem and we believe that the CertainStep Bath Tub Mat is the answer.

The design of the mat incorporates large "Relief Cups". Unlike tiny suctions cups, these large relief cups are completely flattened when compressed and cause the mat to "stick" to the wet surface. When the pressure is removed, the relief cup pops back up, enabling an easy one handed lift.

Cheap rubber mats with tiny suction cups are notorious for being difficult to lift and clean. Use of bleach or washing will cause them to crack and break apart and become useless. Within a very short time discolouring will also occur.

CertainStep Mats are manufactured of PVC which lasts for a long time. Repeated machine washing at 60°C will not effect the life expectancy and will ensure mold/mildew as well as germs are completely controlled.

CertainStep Mats are designed to allow those with reduced gripping power a lightweight mat that is easily lifted for cleaning.

The CertainStep Shower and Bath Mats will also work in porcelain tubs however we would strongly recommend that CertainStep Tub and Tile Treatment be considered.


Description Part Number
CertainStep Long White Bath Tub Mat, 40 cm(15") x 104 cm(41") V02010403TIT
CertainStep Short White Bath Tub Mat, 40cm(15") x 73 cm(28") V02007303XIT


To get yours call your local dealer.  Makes a great gift!

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